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Area Sydney
Phone Type Landlines

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Reported Telemarketer,
I got two missed calls from the number (02) 9003 4363 and the pre-recorded message claims to be from the Canberra PCYC. The same pre-recorded message redirects me to 1800 729 946. I believe the number belongs to a bigger number "range" and is the same one as (02) 9003 4365.


Reported Fragile,
Defo a scam lottery phone call. Asked for $10 on ur card 4 lotto ticks 2b zent 2 u. Man, amer accent, was very calm till i asked him 2 pay 4 it 1st and when i win 2 pay him. I kept insisting that he pays 1st on every opportunity he spoke..he finanlly slamed the phone down.


Reported Annoyed McPerson,
Call from a noisy call center Caller hanged up after a few seconds Incredibly annoying I suspect this is a financial services firm cold calling and offering a binary trading scam So annoying


Reported Marie,
I just received a call from an Indian man who said that he works for Titan Traders and that he wants to talk with me and I said I was not interested he said that if I don t accept his calls he will ring me every hour of the day for every day for the rest of my life as he said till I die I told him that I will report him and he started to get very rude and threatening on my phone I am not interested in what they are offering I realise this is a scam of traders I have had these calls happening for the last 12 hours and I have blocked them every time I did watch their video last night and I was told they were Australia based and they did not have any call centers then next thing I know I was being called by an Indian call centre threatening me that if I don t join they will harass me everyday


Reported Guest,
Caller Jennifer Smith stated that I am being investigated for tax fraud and that there is a law suit and warrant for my arrest sent out by the ATO If I disregard this message I will face legal action


Reported Guest,
It belongs to Michael Bailey an international recruitment company This is one of their internal Sydney numbers It s not junk


Reported Sydneygirl,
0290372028 is a number from Crazy Domains I just received a missed call from them last night but spoke to them on the phone today


Reported Luke,
Thank you Steven For My Compensation


Reported amy,
This is ACM Group a debt collection agency

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