0743434131 / 07-4343-4131

Have you received a call from 07-4343-4131?

Read the following comments to find out who call or send text messages. Write you know information to help us determine from this phone 0743434131 calling and texting is who.

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  1. How to block 0743434131 on Android: Block calls in Android

    As the layout of Android does tend to vary on different handsets we’ve separated the methods out by manufacturer, but many of the same principles apply on most platforms. So if you don’t see your particular model listed, try using the other solutions provided. There are some phones that don’t allow the feature directly, and in those cases you can use third party solutions, a couple of which we’ve also included in our guide.

  2. How to block 0743434131 on Android: Block calls on a Samsung phone

    The monolithic Korean manufacturer uses a system called the Auto-Reject list to block calls on Samsung phones. To access this start by tapping on the Phone icon on your home screen. Now select 0743434131 and when its details appear tap the More option in the top right hand corner of the screen. You’ll see the option Add to Auto-Reject List appear. Tap this and now whenever this particular number rings your phone will bat it away like a finely honed test cricketer.

  3. How to block 0743434131 on Android: Block calls on an LG phone

    In a similar fashion you can create a Call Reject list on LG handsets. To do so tap the Phone icon on the home screen, then tap the three dots in the top right corner. You’ll see a menu appear and from this select Call Settings>Call reject>Reject calls from. Now just tap the Plus icon and you can add the numbers of those who have been bothering you. You can also select 0743434131 from your Call Logs or Contact list

  4. How to block 0743434131 on Android: Block calls on an HTC phone

    HTC make things very easy with it’s quick method of blocking 0743434131. On the Home screen simply tap the Phone icon, then swipe in from the right and you’ll see your call history appear. Long press on the offending number and another menu appears, this time with an option to ‘Block contact’, tap OK, and you won’t be receiving any calls or messages from them any more.

  5. How to block 0743434131 on Android: Using third-party solutions to block calls in Android

    While the above manufacturers have made it quite simple to rid yourself of annoying telemarketers and their ilk, several others have omitted this option from their platforms. Google’s Nexus range only allows you to send callers directly to voicemail, but this isn’t really a solution, especially if you actually use your voicemail. Thankfully, when you can’t block callers from your phone’s OS you can still turn to third-party solutions. If you use anti-virus software on your phone, such as Avast, then you’ll find the feature often included in the service. Otherwise you can download dedicated apps such as Truecaller or Mr Number which provide the same kind of solutions as those on the phones listed above.

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Area Bundaberg, Kingaroy Phone Type Landlines

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  • Post by Chris,

    Wonder shall never end im using this number here in SA i think they hacked my phone number wht can i do Pls what country code it always appears on your phone

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  • 0282585000 Post by Lucas,
    Ignore the number 8258500, they are a... Holes. Return the call and you waste your time. Tell them to F.... Off., until they are ready to deal with customers in a timely and professional manner!
  • 0282921308 Post by John,
  • 0286515050 Post by eva,
    Talia Kama is disturbing me for no reason trying to get friend phone numbers and asking personal information
  • 0474555714 Post by Cipi,
    Mandano sms e chiedono soldi se non dai minacciano querele
  • 0456561380 Post by Ben,
    This scum really is a drug addicted theiving con man Lowest of all possible low parasites
  • 0283184063 Post by Tanyisha Kinloch,
    They rang me twice leaving some weird sounding voice mails and dont ring back after wards this is the 30th call this week wish they would go away already
  • 0289172166 Post by Jules,
    I have had the exact same call I have not given out my home phone number to a Ken Stevens He too mentioned a trial that I am not aware of must be a scam I very rarely answer my home phone as most are scams If it was important they would call my mobile
  • 0290034363 Post by Telemarketer,
    I got two missed calls from the number (02) 9003 4363 and the pre-recorded message claims to be from the Canberra PCYC. The same pre-recorded message redirects me to 1800 729 946. I believe the number belongs to a bigger number "range" and is the same one as (02) 9003 4365.