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  1. How to block 0264762297 on Android: Block calls in Android

    As the layout of Android does tend to vary on different handsets we’ve separated the methods out by manufacturer, but many of the same principles apply on most platforms. So if you don’t see your particular model listed, try using the other solutions provided. There are some phones that don’t allow the feature directly, and in those cases you can use third party solutions, a couple of which we’ve also included in our guide.

  2. How to block 0264762297 on Android: Block calls on a Samsung phone

    The monolithic Korean manufacturer uses a system called the Auto-Reject list to block calls on Samsung phones. To access this start by tapping on the Phone icon on your home screen. Now select 0264762297 and when its details appear tap the More option in the top right hand corner of the screen. You’ll see the option Add to Auto-Reject List appear. Tap this and now whenever this particular number rings your phone will bat it away like a finely honed test cricketer.

  3. How to block 0264762297 on Android: Block calls on an LG phone

    In a similar fashion you can create a Call Reject list on LG handsets. To do so tap the Phone icon on the home screen, then tap the three dots in the top right corner. You’ll see a menu appear and from this select Call Settings>Call reject>Reject calls from. Now just tap the Plus icon and you can add the numbers of those who have been bothering you. You can also select 0264762297 from your Call Logs or Contact list

  4. How to block 0264762297 on Android: Block calls on an HTC phone

    HTC make things very easy with it’s quick method of blocking 0264762297. On the Home screen simply tap the Phone icon, then swipe in from the right and you’ll see your call history appear. Long press on the offending number and another menu appears, this time with an option to ‘Block contact’, tap OK, and you won’t be receiving any calls or messages from them any more.

  5. How to block 0264762297 on Android: Using third-party solutions to block calls in Android

    While the above manufacturers have made it quite simple to rid yourself of annoying telemarketers and their ilk, several others have omitted this option from their platforms. Google’s Nexus range only allows you to send callers directly to voicemail, but this isn’t really a solution, especially if you actually use your voicemail. Thankfully, when you can’t block callers from your phone’s OS you can still turn to third-party solutions. If you use anti-virus software on your phone, such as Avast, then you’ll find the feature often included in the service. Otherwise you can download dedicated apps such as Truecaller or Mr Number which provide the same kind of solutions as those on the phones listed above.

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  • 0282945811 Post by Neil s Hanmer Phone No 61404 009 521,
    A Michael King calls from this number 02 8294 5811 and we believe he is associated with a scamming syndicate which started from Mr William Patrick of Email Lotto Lore Company USA phone no 1 630 507 9589 Email Address 2576 White Oak Dr Southside Alabama 35907 USA Believed to be a False Address as USA phone Code no 630 is for a north Chicago area code CHICAGO Secondly with a Mr Tian Hongming of Standard Asia Private Bank Bangkok phone no 66 9 8486 3744 Email Address 392 Soi Ladprao 130 Ladprao Rd Klongjan Bangkok 10240 THAILAND Thirdly with Mr Charles Hall SWIFT Crediting Officer Clearing House Inter Bank Payment System CHIPS Phone no 1 773 717 9085 Email NEW YORK Fourthly Mr Michael King possibly a certifying officer with a Foreign Exchange House in Sydney only have phone contact 02 8294 5811 SYDNEY Other names of couriers are Miss PNUMAST SOUNGAI and Miss SUDARAT THEPJOHO Couriers same address 392 Soi Ladprao 130 Ladprao Rd Klongjan Bangkok 10240 Thailand Associates are Mrs Johanna Peters from Publications Department Email Lotto Lore and another Email address THAILAND Mrs Anne Lee International Fund Credit Department Standard Asia Private SAP Phone No 66 9 8486 3744 THAILAND All persons we have spoken to have a distinct Thai accent very difficult speech to understand bad grammar and of 130 emails received from them all in Upper Case typing with incoherent grammar We have sent 33 000 AUD to these people via cash transactions with Western Union and Money Gram on seven 7 separate occasions since the 16th March 2016
  • 0403575495 Post by Shantel,
    Freak try s to talk to me about gay porn and touching himself while calling and keeps harassing me After him calling me for weeks straight I finally changed my phone number thank god I think is name was den bews or something similar I heard someone call his name out once on the phone
  • 0737926650 Post by soarece,
    Repet calls in night from this number and i think is in digimobile operator from romania
  • 0756890400 Post by Steve G,
    Yes received multiple calls on my mobile and when my wife has answered hello this my name s Phone she could hear someone still there and then hung up Tried 2 more times then rang home number Then after my wife answered that my mobile rang again but this time it said No caller Id she answered it and said nothing and a female was saying my name hello my name My wife thought I was having an affair
  • 0400883815 Post by Tony,
    It s the boogie man beware
  • 0424424169 Post by XXX,
    I m an escort This disgusting Arab germ ripped me off Do not trust He ll be nice the first time to build up trust then screw you over the second
  • 0730225758 Post by 32423,
  • 0427421887 Post by Spammy,
    I received the same message I also deleted it