0261710710 / 02-6171-0710

Have you received a call from 02-6171-0710?

Read the following comments to find out who call or send text messages. Write you know information to help us determine from this phone 0261710710 calling and texting is who.

    Don't pick up that call

    The following ways to block callers work on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, as well as older iPhones running iOS 6 and iOS 7. So really, any iPhone.

  • Block 0261710710 that has called you in iOS 7 and iOS 8

    Open up the Phone app at the bottom of every home screen. At the bottom of the window you should see 'Recents'. Click this. You will see a list of recent callers.

    Click the i next to the 0261710710. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the option to 'Block this Caller'. Click it and confirm your choice. That's it!

  • Another way to block 0261710710 in iOS 7 and iOS 8

    You can also block contacts that are already in your phone. This works via the Settings app. Go to Settings - it is a grey app on your home screen. Then scroll down to Phone.

    Scroll down again and you will see an entry for 'Blocked'. This shows you a list of blocked contacts. Click Add New... and you will be taken to your Contacts. Select the Contact you wish to block, and confirm your choice.

  • How to unblock 0261710710 in iOS 7 and iOS 8

    What if you make a mistake? To unblock a number you have blocked, go to Settings, Phone, Blocked and hit Edit. Click the red circle next to the blocked number you want to unblock, and a red button will appear. Press that. And you're done!

    How to block a 0261710710 on an iPhone running iOS 6

    The easiest thing to do is to update to iOS 8, which is free. Here is how to update to iOS 8 on iPhone, iPad or iPod. If for some reason you can't however, the following advice will work:

    1. First, jailbreak that iPhone. Here's how to jailbreak an iPhone - again, we don't actively recommend this, and we do recommend that you take time to weigh up the pros and cons.
    2. Now you need an app to do the job. There are several, including 'Call Blocker' and 'Call Bliss'. You won't find all of these apps on the Apple App Store - for some of them you'll have to use the independent Cydia app store. The blocking app we are going to use is called iBlacklist. It costs $12.99 (about £8.50) and offers the ability to block calls and SMS messages from 0261710710, as well as all unknown numbers. Open up Cydia, then find, pay for and install iBlacklist. Restart your phone.
    3. iBlacklist3. iBlacklist should now appear as one of your apps. Open it up, and click 'Blacklists'. Here's you'll find all your current blacklisted numbers - at this stage there won't be any. To add one hit 'Add new Blacklist', then add 0261710710. You can do this via your recent call list - which is where you are most likely to find the culprit. You can also add in a contact, or manually put in a number. Once you've added a number, set the 'Call' icon to 'On'. To block text messages do the same thing with the 'Message' icon.
    4. Now you need to configure what happens when a call comes in from that blacklisted number. Hit 'Action to be performed' and choose an option. Options include blocking before your phone even acknowledges the call, sending back the engaged tone, sending the caller directly to voicemail, or automatically hanging up the call. Finally, hit the blue button to save your selections and that number is blocked.
    5. To block other numbers or even groups of contacts repeat steps 3 and 4.

Area Code:

Area Canberra, Queanbeyan, Yass Phone Type Landlines

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  • Post by Nat,

    Called me at 2am Are you kidding I haven t answered

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  • 0400270447 Post by Grant,
    Hi a text was sent from 0400270447 saying Hey how you doin Having a do in July and need your address to send the invites to Cheers No name was left to identify how it was
  • 0407710149 Post by colin phillips,
    in australia this is my mobile phone number and i have never made illicit calls to any one the least you could do when making these complaints is to add the country where you reside as i don t take slanderous accusations very well
  • 0437247743 Post by TK,
    0437247743 claiming to be a buyer of timber seems fraud Be Careful I tried to call back and no one answering Number disconnected
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    called re a job i advertised she said her name was Stephanie just a voice mail when i call her back but noticed the number here online so have now blocked this as i keep getting these situations lately
  • 0427512251 Post by DaveT,
    I had two calls from this mobile I answered the second and this lady said Can I speak to the owner of the house I said What do you mean and that was it I m on https www donotcall gov au so not sure what the heck is going on
  • 0262442055 Post by Daniel,
    ACT Heath Care System received a genuine call from a lady whose was very educated on the phone No spam or scam related
  • 0448512555 Post by Nate,
    Lawl that s my number Never ordered hookers or sounded like an old French man Australian number
  • 0734514516 Post by Peter,
    Called the number back and it was Stratco I had previously asked for a quote for a patio and they were getting back to me with details